Friday, September 13, 2013

Can Kale get me to Vegas?

I'm a Pillsbury Bake-Off Semi-Finalist! Vote for Feta and Kale Stuffed Breakfast Waffles

VOTE NOW! Voting is open until Noon CST on September 26th
I need you
Update: I did not make it to Vegas. But I did remember that I sorta like doing this.

Feta and Kale Stuffed Breakfast Waffles
Feta and Kale Stuffed Breakfast Waffles 

I love my leafy greens, it runs in the family: sometimes at my brother's house there is a squabble over who gets the last of the swiss chard- really! It's happened more than once.

I love my leafy greens so much that I'll still buy them/grow them throughout the spring and summer even though they are about the only thing that you can get fresh and local throughout the winter here in Portland.

I also really love waffles. It is our Sunday tradition, and the only meal out of the week that I don't make. The Mr. is in charge of waffles. His waffles are delicious but there is nothing quick or rise and shine about them.

So back in August when I realized I had ONE DAY to come up with a recipe for the final open category in the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest I had to go with what I love and what I had on hand. And it had to be a breakfast item, and it had to be quick, and it had to have less than seven ingredients. Whew.

Flash forward an hour and I had it. I had the recipe and I had a delicious breakfast AND I remembered how awesome it is to every once in awhile let someone else (like the Mr. or Pillsbury) make the dough.

Here is the demo waffle, the second one was better- perhaps someday this waffle iron will be as famous as the one that started Nike.

You can link to the official recipe here.

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